Istoria d'Akitania Berria

The first settlers

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0001 (-1993) First evidence of settlements in the island.
             At the same time 8 different cultures are found to be using fire and
             to draw paintings in the caves.

The first migrations

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1st Century  The Anhu partly migrate to the East, by sea
2nd Century  The Urvachek migrate to the South East, chasing the Urramovan.
3rd Century  The Urrramovan continue to migrate to the South East. 
(-1793/1693) They delete the Urkeltan culture, of which they adopt some words
             and some traditions.

The first kingdoms

4th Century  The First Kingdoms are established.

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7th Century  Ugeres migration wave. Four Ugeres princedoms are founded.

The twelve kingdoms

9th Century  Two of the Ugeres princedoms are destroyed by their neighbours.

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10th Century The island is fully occupied by the twelve dominia.

The two empires

14th Century Jomo Kduli, from Ndola, creates the Akitania Berria Era.

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16th Century Two main dominia rule the island, Akitaria and Auccitania.

The end of Akitaria

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1622 (-372)  Akitaria is destroyed by the other kingdoms. It is the beginning of the
             250 years war. The same year Auccitania is weakened by the revolt of
             Greater Moravia.

The six powers

1633 (-361)  Greater Moravia conquers Ungria.

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1635 (-359)  New powers have emerged.

The years of plague

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1723 (-271)  A plague destroys the Muntanya and the Akitala dominia.
             Aukitania and Kongola are weakened and begin to split.

New powers

1746 (-248)  Parlanjhia and Ispania simultaneously revolt against Vasconia.

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1749 (-245)  Vasconia and Uccitania (former Aukitania) recognise both new states.

Arpitania and Berria revolt

1769 (-225)  Arpitanian revolt against Mediolania.
1774 (-220)  Facing Arpitanian pressure Uccitania grants independence to Berria 
	     and joins Arpitania against Mediolania.

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On the spoils of Uccitania

1789 (-205)  Ispania and Parlanjhia form a coalition and attack Uccitania and Arpitania. 
             Arpitania first resists but then becomes an ally and conquer a bit of Uccitania.

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1800 (-194)  Parlanjhia, Uccitania and Kongola create the Great Triplice.

The raise of Parlanjhia

1804 (-190)  Parlanjhia gives back occupied Uccitanian territories to Uccitania and lets
             Uccitania invade the remaining Berria.
1809 (-185)  Parlanjhia attacks Arpitania and wins.
1811 (-183)  Uccitania and Kongola attack Ispania and set it back to its boundaries.

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1825 (-169)  Kongola and Mediolania set a massive attack against Greater Moravia.

Decline and fall of Parlanjhia

1831 (-163)  Berria re-emerges as an independent state, under the cover of which Uccitania
             sets terrorist attacks against the Parlanjhian empire.
1836 (-158)  Uccitania, Mediolania and Berria destroy the Parlanjhian empire.

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The final wars

1850 (-144)  Uccitania wins a short war against Arpitania.
1853 (-141)  Greater Moravia and Uccitania attack Mediolania. 
             Uccitania back to its eastern boundaries.
1855 (-139)  Greater Moravia wins a war against Kongola.
1860 (-134)  Berria attacks Arpitania.

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1862 (-132)  Uccitania and Parlanjhia form a defensive alliance. Uccitania gives back
             some territories to Parlanjhia.
1867 (-127)  Beginning of the "Final war". Berria attacks Uccitania and Parlanjhia, and loses.
1868 (-126)  Additional warfare in the South between Kongola, Greater Moravia and Mediolania.
1869 (-125)  Vasconia and Ispania call for peace. Parlanjhia proclaims its neutrality.
1870 (-124)  Berria resists further attacks from Uccitania and Arpitania.
1871 (-123)  Mediolania proclaims its neutrality and withdraws from the Southern war.

Peace and prosperity

1872 (-122)  General truce signed. An Assembly with 5 representatives of each
             dominium is elected.
1875 (-119)  The Assembly declare itself sovereign over the whole island.
1877 (-117)  New (and today's) Constitution
1881 (-113)  Foundation of Ciutat, the capital city.
1882 (-112)  Creation of the Free Territories.
1967 (-27)   Creation of the Wildlife Territories.
2293 (299)   Creation of the CIMO, a regional organisation. A bit of New Aquitania 
             is taken for the building of Meridia, the future seat of the CIMO.

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