Geugrafia d'Akitania Berria

  • Num en inglish : New Aquitania
  • ISOmorph code : NA
  • Local name : Akitania Berria


New Aquitania occupies almost all of the island of Princi Negre, situated in the Meridic Ocean, at the South of the Old Continent of the Vexillium Planet.

Neighbouring countries of New Aquitania are Solelhada, by the West, the Kingdom of Altland, in the East, and the North Mainland countries of Armatirion and Rosardan. The territory of Meridia has been given to the CIMO regional organisation.

Capital City: Ciutat
Main Cities: Agusta, Engolesme, Sautama, Borja, Insaa, Mavula, Stare Miesto, Li Baws, Mediolan

Physical Geography

The main island, Princi Negre, is surrounded by some minor islets: Iscla Vičlha (in the North, separated of the mainland by the Strait of Shaplain), Iscla de Re and Iscla d'Oléron (in the West, forming the Meridian Bay), Ogasawara, Moruroa and Porcairolas (in the South, separated of the mainland by the Strait of Lapeiruza).

The rivers are the following : Leire, Alaier, Roze (ending in the Lobnor inner delta), Ador, Nzadi, Doira (getting the waters from the Bystrica lake), Dunarea, Drina and Var. Another noticeable lake is the Kivu.

The mountains are : Odolmendiak, Serras, Awps, Rukarelas, Muntgargan, Muntanha and Muntekristow (forming the Northern Mountains), the lower mountains of Verkors, Dulumita, Krst, Apenin, Falc, Krutz, Milavachas, Aneth, Maiombe, Shalhy, Uhuru, Ndongo, Ruenzori, Krkonosze, Szumava, Beskydy, Balkan, Kavkaz and the southern Pirenew.

A wise and constant environment policy led the government to establish national wildlife territories (see the History and Components pages).


There has never been a census. New Aquitania pupylasiwn is estimated to 756 234 145.

Languages spoken in New Aquitania are : Ainit, Akitan, Akitanic, Anhu, Iparen, Muntanyol, Mwatu, Ramovan, Ugeres and Vachek. Akitan is used as an official federal language. Inglish is used for international communication.


New Aquitania is a federation of free associated components (see the Components page) governed by a Federal Government (see the Government page).


The Drapel de New Aquitania is of unknown origin. See the Flags and Components pages for more information.

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